Birthday Thoughts

A Letter to My Grandmother About Anti-Blackness & Asians

The stories we’ve been told about this country have left entire stories out.

Nothing is accidental about the violence against Black bodies that we have just now begun to take note of, nor about the fact that you ask, “but why do they have to destroy property in their anger?” It is not a new phenomenon to consider the destruction of private property and the ending of Black lives equally condemnable acts.

A Conversation with Ben Zehr, Co-Founder of Kisano

This hydroponic basil grows at Kisano. Image courtesy Ben Zehr.

A Conversation On the Eve of World Mental Health Day

You’ll Be Amazed To Know That Not Only Women Do These Things

The three…

How Toxic Masculine Narratives Contribute to Adolescent Boys’ Harmful Suppression of Emotion

Among all of this highly visible public discourse, I’m wondering what message we are sending to young men about what is and is not acceptable, and whether it’s the message we want to be sending as we strive toward a more gender equitable world.

These three…

A Conversation with Parth Gala, Social Entrepreneur

IFLI leads a financial literacy in Vile Parle. Image courtesy Aangan Trust.

What gave you the idea to start IFLI?

“The story behind starting IFLI is a very personal one. While…

Image courtesy Howard Chang.

Remarks During A Panel Hosted by Womenite

Q1. Do you still witness instances of disgusting/disappointing reactions on the birth of a girl child?

Q2. How do stereotyped gender roles dictate gender inequality from childhood itself?

Ratna Gill

Sister; writer; singer. @Harvard ’16. Working on child rights with @Aangan_Trust.

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